Almería, land of wine

Almeria and wine were together during part of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Although a series of socio-economic conditions produced the almost disappearance of these crops, in the last decades it has recovered the optimism and sustained growth, placing to date to Almeria like the Andalusian city that exports more table grape.

Also, important wineries have managed to settle in the national market and currently export their best wines abroad. This time we will focus on the Laujar Valley, where various companies grow the vine producing excellent wines, with numerous awards at national and international level.

Fmous brands like “Tetas de la Sacristana”, “Oro del llano”, “Talento”, the different varieties of “Perfer”, “Viña Laujar“, … among others. The excellent location of Laujar, between Sierra Nevada and Sierra of Gádor, at an average height of 1000 meters, with many hours of sun, moderate rainfall and varied soils of clay, slate and albero, are the perfect combination for development and maturity Of the different varieties of grapes that are planted, and allow to obtain delicious wines.

From Eventaltur we invite you to make this ecotouristic route and to be able to contemplate first hand, as well as to taste, the different wines that are produced in these wonderful lands.

As the saying says: “With bread and wine, the way is walked”

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