Almeria, land of beer

In Almeria we have delicious tapas, wines, hams, fish … But also awe are land of beer.

Numerous craft houses have been developed in recent years, which you can see more or less frequently in fairs, markets, super markets and even restaurants and bars. Today we bring you the list of the main brands we have in our land, so you know where they are, what they manufacture and if you want, you can contact them and take samples to your friends and family:

ORIGEN Beer made for more than 50 years                                              EL CABO – Beer in tribute to Cabo de Gata


ALBORAN – Beer with desalted water from the Alborán sea

LA CALA — Manufactured with water from Laujar mountains

FARO — Blon beer from Roquetas de Mar

FARWEST – Beer with the taste of the Western.

LOS FILABRES — Beer from the heart of the mountains

TOROLE – To prepare the dishes of high cuisine

GLAMOUR – Author beer, made in Mojácar

SAN FRANCISCO – Indalo group beers

Those are the main brands of Almería, all of them delicious an tasty, nice to share  with tapas o between friends during the night.

From EVENTALTUR we encourage you to consume local beers, from our home.