Almería, on the top of Spanish gastronomy

Almería has been installed since few years ago as a gastronomic destination at Spanish level, proof of them are the latest rankings, where we can find it in the top 3 in various national surveys of different newspapers and reputed blogs:

The famous ranking of this newspaper, made every year, put us at the end of 2016 as the 3rd most important Spanish city when it comes to tapas, with a whopping 250,000 votes in favor.
The most important real estate web portal in Spain, also placed us in the third place of Spanish gastronomic destinations


A famous travelers website, places us in third national placement.

Special mention to our typical dish of “wheat” makes us the famous press newspaper EL PAIS, and all the reason of the world has in recommending to taste this delight of Almería.


Another important digital newspaper, places us in the 4th place as a national gastronomic destination.


When so many people from different places speaks so well of Almeria and its gastronomy for something will be.

From EVENTALTUR we encourage you to visit Almería and make our ALMERIA, LAND OF TAPAS route, where we can visit the city of Almeria, while we taste delicious tapas in different bars of the city.

So you can see firsthand why Almeria is in the place it deserves.

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