Cove Enmedio, Cabo de Gata

Today we bring you a spectacular beach, which is located a couple of kilometers from Agua Marga, in a walk of about half an hour, with some ups and downs, but just because you can enjoy this wonderful beach, every effort It will be worth it.

The cove, with a length of  150 meters is shaped like an arch, which gives it a certain protection in times of swell. As you arrive the left side is better, because it has an access to the water of pure sand, whereas in the right side there are few stones that can be uncomfortable to enter the water. The rest you can imagine, crystalline water and sand.

Beyond, at the far right there is a stone mound where you can snorkel, and if you decide to walk a little further, you will find a spectacular jump for the braves (highly recommended). The photos are spectacular (for selfies lovers). Being a beach with a more complicated access than the normal ones, there are few people and the tranquility is assured. For girls, this beach is often a destination used to be able to do top-less.


– Take beach umbrellas, food and enough drink, there is nothing close.

– For the sake of the natural park, the trash will have to be carried in hand to return to Aguamarga. There are no containers on the beach.

– Wear comfortable shoes for the half hour walk.

Here is a small map to get there. I recommend parking at the entrance of Agua Marga and from there take the street deposit. The road is easy and is marked with white and blue lines on the ground.

Enjoy this beautiful cove, considered as one of the best in Almeria and therefore of Europe.