FREE TOUR, an acceptable option  to know a city?

For years, more and more tourists use the “Free Tour” as a reference point to know the city, “free” options, in which you only pay according to the quality of the service. But there are several aspects and questions to consider when you choose these types of tours:

1- Competitive bid?

Certainly for the tourist’s pocket is the best option, there isn,t doubt. Having the power to decide how much to pay the guide is something that the customer appreciates. But other tourist companies that offer this type of guided tours absorb a series of costs that those companies do not, such as the guide’s tax charges (do not forget that the guide of a city tour charges in “black”), as well as insurance Of civil liability that protects of any incidence to the tourist. And of course pay the VAT (21%) for each customer who has purchased the visit. These expenses contribute directly to the promotion of the city and tourism.

2- Prepared guides?

As a general rule (there are exceptions for everything) the tour guide who offers a paid service has a legal company behind that selects its employees based on their studies and knowledge. It is common to see people with few knowledge makes a brief explanation and sometimes, with historical failures that have not been previously tested. Others only tell jokes,  they make the tourist laugh like a monologue of the comedy club, to cover their historical and cultural deficiencies. And usually happens that this guy receives more tip than the guide with studies.

3- Tourist mischief

Many tourists think that City Tour is a kind of “free offer” of the city council, so assume that nothing should be paid. Others, if they know it, and at the end of the tour, whether the experience was good or bad, they make the crazy ones and go quietly from the scene of the crime. Remember the guide, has been better or worse, is a worker, and something deserves for the time that has dedicated to you.

4- Image of the city

One of the most important points for all. If the tourist gets a bad impression  or wrong information about the city, it will generate negative comments, which in the long run will result in tourists dropping. That’s why we believe it’s best to invest in a City Tour with a reputed company behind you to take responsibility for it on a Free Tour.

5. Promotion of piracy

Many tourism companies live from this type of guided routes. They pay their taxes, contribute to the economic development of the country, are the first to care about the monuments, and, above all, generate employment. How can they compete against someone who offers their services at cost 0, and that what they earn is all in “B”? We all know the answer to that question …

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